"Fridays for Future - Die entscheidende Frage" watch (11:17 min)

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"You have to think and act like a media company..." read (10 min)


...Two days before the post, i was sitting at  a meeting with social media consultings from L’Oréal in stuttgart, in charge for a hairdresser company.


We discussed a subject i have been talked about for a long time now... read more

"The coach is always the one, who is willing to win..." read (8 min)


in every single hour of classtime, i am just as passiv as possible to my students. This means NOT that my teach is not active. First of all, i think that at this time, no institutions like school or university in germany is capable of lecturing ART in a proper way.


Let me explain... read more

"Design your teaching effectively for this Gen Z audience..." read (9 min)


It is not so hard to define this generation, when you put yourself into their perspective of life.


All of the kids in my classes are born AFTER 2003, they grew up in a world where the web ALREADY EXISTED... read more

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