Ausgestellt & Vorgestellt (17:25 min)


EPISODE  7 | Ausgestellt & Vorgestellt:

In this episode we are sitting in the exhibition opening of "Exposed" and answer all your questions with Friedrich Wintzingerode. Thanks again to the audience!


EPISODE  6 | Spezialgäste & Live-Publikum:  We talk about image sales, marketing and media work before and during an exhibition, artificial intelligence, creativity, how the new media are changing Franz's images and much more. Enjoy!


EPISODE  5 | Hakuna Matata:  It´s an episode about your questions, the upcoming exhibition of Franz Ulrich Göttlicher and deadlines in the art business. Thank you for listening and of course for all your great questions!

EPISODE 4 | Ein Podcast für Alle und Keinen: One hour about the courage for authenticity, authenticity in social media, social taboos, women at bars and instincs à la Süßkind and Balthus.

EPISODE 3 | Das Spiel heißt "Aufmerksamkeit": In this episode, we talk about the game of attention and about how you can feel like drumming yourself on your breast. Merry christmas and like always, thank you for listening!


Video: EIN DACKEL FÜR 1000€


EPISODE 2 | Müssen kann Spuren von Wollen enthalten: In the second episode of the podcast, we talk about the dream of life, the must and want and the shredding of art... Bansy...Bansky...Banksky...BANKSY!! A huge thank you for listening!

EPISODE 1 | Der erste Funke: This is the very first podcast episode. Franz Ulrich Göttlicher and me we just dive into the medium. In this episode we talk about art, our common history and the podcast itself. Listen and enjoy! Everything else about the podcast we will figure out later... with you!




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