Podcast Episode 13 | Late Night Show listen (1h 22 min)

I am now a collector and a passionate fan of his works! Bertram Schiel is an artist, drummer and printmaker living in Greifswald. He has a studio in the city center and is currently exhibiting his work in the Kunst Design ETcetera gallery.

Episode 13 on YouTube: watch


Podcast Episode 12 | Der menschliche Drucker listen (57 min)

Giacomo Orth is a hyper-realistic artist and enthusiast of precision mechanical wristwatches. He draws his works down to the finest detail with a pigmented pen and is always aware that he will never achieve the perfection he strives for, because he is still human. Episode 12 on YouTube: watch


Podcast Episode 11 | Mate addicted listen (1h 58 min)

Moe (Christian Möller) is a versatile photographer from Germany and in this episode he talks about how he got addicted to photography, what he advises young photographers who are just starting and why a 50mm fixed focal length lens is the best of all. Episode 11 on YouTube: watch


Podcast Episode 10 | Das Public Art Projekt listen (1h 36 min)

Rozbeh Asmani is an Iran-born German artist and professor for new media and applied graphics in the visual arts at the University of Greifswald. We talk about his artistic history, the "Corona Semester" and our public art project. Episode 10 on YouTube: watch


Podcast Episode 9 | Coronavirus Special Edition listen (2h 54 min)

Frank Lange lives in Berlin is a creative textile designer in retail and currently provides schools with protection masks. We talk about the current situation in Germany, about our personal experience with the corona pandemic and much more. This session is the first episode we recorded entirely via the Internet. Episode 9 on YouTube: watch


Podcast Episode 8 | Die fast verlorene Episode listen (1h 3 min)

It was almost lost, I was about to break off right in the middle of this episode... it´s an very authentic and honest Episode with a lot of insights. We recorded this session before the corona pandemic, in December 2019. Episode 8 on YouTube: watch


Podcast Episode 7 | Ausgestellt & Vorgestellt listen (17:25 min)

In this episode we are sitting in the exhibition opening of "Exposed" and answer all your questions with Friedrich Wintzingerode. Thanks again to the audience! Enjoy listening! Episode 7 on YouTube: watch


Podcast Episode 6 | Spezialgäste & Live-Publikum listen (1h 17 min)

We talk about image sales, marketing and media work before and during an exhibition, artificial intelligence, creativity, how the new media are changing Franz's images and much more. Enjoy! Episode 6 on YouTube: watch


Podcast Episode 5 | Hakuna Matata listen (50 min)

It´s an episode about your questions, the upcoming exhibition of Franz Ulrich Göttlicher and deadlines in the art business.

Thank you for listening and of course for all your great questions! Episode 5 on YouTube: watch


Podcast Episode 4 | Ein Podcast für Alle und Keinen listen (1h 8 min)

One hour about the courage for authenticity, authenticity in social media, social taboos, women at bars and instincs à la

Süßkind and Balthus. Episode 4 on YouTube: watch


Podcast Episode 3 | Das Spiel heißt "Aufmerksamkeit" listen (1h 4 min)

In this episode, we talk about the game of attention and about how you can feel like drumming yourself on your breast.

Merry christmas and like always, thank you for listening! Episode 3 on YouTube: watch


Podcast Episode 2 | Müssen kann Spuren von Wollen enthalten listen (1h 3 min)

In the second episode of the podcast, we talk about the dream of life, the must and want and the shredding of art... Bansy...Bansky...Banksky...BANKSY!! A huge thank you for listening! Episode 2 on YouTube: watch


Podcast Episode 1 | Der erste Funke mit Franz Ulrich Göttlicher listen (47 min)

This is the very first podcast episode. Franz Ulrich Göttlicher and me we just dive into the medium. In this episode we talk about art, our common history and the podcast itself. Listen and enjoy! Everything else about the podcast we will figure out later... with you! Episode 1 on YouTube: watch


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